Working Together, While We’re Apart, Has Never Been Easier.


In this new remote-working, digital-first world, collaboration across teams is more important than ever before. Bring in an Asana Certified Professional from Branding Bear to set up, onboard and train your team on the Asana platform.

How much time does your team spend talking about work rather than actually accomplishing tasks? Do you spend countless hours going over status updates, tracking down information and sifting through endless email chains? 

“Work about work” is unproductive and costly. It’s frustrating and drastically slows down your company’s overall growth. 

But, good news – it doesn’t have to be this way!


Get Everyone Onboard with an Asana Certified Professional Consultant 


Asana will change the lives of your team and the productivity of your workflow, but only if you can get everyone to buy-in and use it. We’ve found that the key to buy-in and long-term success is starting with a strategic onboarding and adaptation plan. Branding Bear’s CEO, Jacque McHugh, is here to help. As an Asana Certified Pro, she makes optimizing your team in Asana a piece of cake!

What’s an Asana Certified Pro? 

  • Asana Certified Pros study the ins and outs of designing workflow in Asana and how to implement various processes – ensuring teams are brought up-to-speed quickly. 
  • They provide practical guidance on everything from getting started to pivoting your strategy and onboarding new members down the road. 
  • An Asana Certified Pro will work with your company to determine the level of support you need to set up and maintain Asana for your team. 

Partnering with an Asana Consultant gives you one-on-one access to an expert in this amazing cross-collaboration software. Jacque McHugh will ensure your team is set up right from the start – which means you’ll see results even faster. 

Whether your team is onsite or remote, start using Asana today – new and upgrading Asana customers are welcome to enjoy 10% off for annual plans at with coupon code jacquemchugh6289.


Marketing Together Better with Asana


Asana is Branding Bear’s preferred project management and cross-functional team collaboration software. In fact, our entire remote business model operates within this time and money-saving platform. When you hire the Branding Bears as your marketing partners we’ll work with you in Asana, if you choose, to better communicate and collaborate. Afterall, we want to help you revolutionize your company’s productivity and workflow, but we also want to become your Marketing-BFFs. We are passionate about helping others succeed and reach their goals.

Asana not only makes teams more efficient, but it also allows project managers to track work and due dates easily. When fully-optimized, Asana helps everyone on your team understand goals and expectations, making meeting deadlines a breeze and breaking large projects into manageable tasks.

With Asana, success becomes sustainable for any type of business! Start working smarter (not harder!) with Branding Bear and Asana today – contact us for a free consultation.