Marketing Consultants

We believe that an empathetic marketing strategy starts with a relationship. While we will do one-off and small project work, our recommendation is that you partner with a marketing consultant on our team. They will do a deep dive into your unique brand, goals and objectives to design and advise your team on the best way to take your voice to your target audience.

Boutique is Better

Every service we offer is meant to be part of a strategic plan, delivered to you by a professional marketing consultant from Branding Bear. We’re a boutique firm, which means you don’t get a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approach when you work with us. Everything we do is highly customizable and designed to fit into your overall strategic approach – supporting personal, team and company KPIs/OKRs and delivering measurable results. 

Book a Bear

Coordinating it all is what we do best. Our interest is in long-term partnerships with compass-brands. We are careful and selective about who we will represent because we’ve made a missional commitment and company culture evolving around making the world better. Not every partnership is a good idea. Book a 30 minute consultation now. Let’s discuss your needs and what we can offer so we can both determine whether or not we’re a good fit to partner together.


Service Snapshots

Check out our services listed below and contact us if you don’t see what you need listed here. As a full-service agency, chances are good that we can provide the solution you need.

  • App Design 

Put your online presence in your audience’s pocket 24/7 with an efficient, user-friendly and visually stimulating mobile app. Our goal is to create an app that expertly encompasses your brand while making life easier for you and your clientele. 

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  • Bilingual Marketing

Diversify your marketing strategy and grow your audience with marketing in both Spanish and English – or just Spanish. We can handle all aspects of our relationship with you in Spanish – from sales and CX on through the services we provide and your content. Start building your business with print and online messages in English and Spanish today! 

Diversifique su estrategia de marketing y haga crecer su audiencia con marketing bilingüe. Nuestros expertos trabajarán mano a mano con usted para crear contenido personalizado de acuerdo con su mercado objetivo. Empiece a construir su negocio con mensajes impresos y en línea en inglés y español hoy!

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  • Blog/Article Management 

Blogging involves more than just writing excellent content. Managing a blog or your expert-article presence is a full-time job, which is why our team of writers, graphic designers and web specialists are ready to work with you to ensure your business’ blog is engaging, entertaining and educational! 

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  • Content Writing

Content is critical to building a credible online presence and vital to building a community of loyal supporters around your brand. From writing pillar-content to landing pages and anything written in between – our team of professional writers is prepared to take your online presence to the next level! 

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  • eNewsletter Management

Create a platform that readers love to dive into with an engaging eNewsletter. Your followers will look forward to learning more about you when you invest in a well-orchestrated email marketing strategy backed by an amazing template design, not the same cookie cutter newsletter that looks just like all the rest.

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  • Graphic Design

Appearance is everything. Grab your audience’s attention with images, animations and videos that truly speak to who you are and what you do. From a new logo to website media, updated brochures and much more, our expert designers have you covered! 

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  • PR & Publicity

Become well-recognized and respected with a detailed PR strategy. As experts in public relations, we’ll ensure your business garners attention and appreciation from your target audience. With well-written content and intelligent distribution, there’s no limit to your brand’s potential reach!

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More than just pens and potato-chip clips, Branding Bear specializes in finding unique ways to promote your business with branded products that drive ROI. If it will hold still long enough, we will figure out a way to put your branding on it. Plus our partnerships with local and international printers allow us to provide stellar pricing and distribution for your direct mail and printed collateral. And we’ve got the best apparel selection around.

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  • Custom Social Media Management

With proper management, social media is one of the most effective ways to promote your brand, increase traffic and grow your online presence. From engaging written content to eye-catching graphics and videos and automated scheduling, we’ll help elevate your brand identity effortlessly!

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  • Social Media Subscriptions

Think of your social media strategy like the blueprints for building a skyscraper. It begins with a solid foundation that you can build up from in order to make long-term, sustainable growth a reality. That foundational content is here, done for you by our experts. 

Custom social media content management can range from $500-$2,000/month. This industry-specific and/or holiday content is yours for only $100/month each. Cancel at any time. Subscribe today!


  • Website Design  

Your online presence either drives sales or sits by idly deterring potential business with its outdated look and low functionality. Our web experts will build a modern, updated website for your business with captivating content and bold graphics to ensure your clients keep returning for more! 

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Let’s get started Making Your Mark today!

Feel free to sample our work and contact us – Branding Bears are standing by to serve you now!